Library Team pictureLibrary Help - Circulate materials to students (including interlibrary or intercampus loans), answer Library and computer questions, and maintain reserves.

Ashley Huss (Green Bay), 920-498-5732  

Maggie Schutz (Green Bay Evenings), 920-498-6812

Cheryl Morin (Green Bay Part Time/Saturdays), 920-498-5493 

Toni Severson (Marinette), 715-732-3647 

Sally Collins and Jenni White (Sturgeon Bay), 920-746-4911 


Pictured - Front row left to right: Maggie Schutz, Julie Chapman, Sally Collins, Beverly Mueller. Back row left to right: Toni Severson, Ashley Huss, Kim LaPlante, Jenni White, Carole Parish) 


Computer/Equipment Help - Answer student questions about computers, Blackboard, printing, etc.  Also check out equipment to students and staff.

Bev Mueller (Green Bay), 920-498-5694

Carole Parish (Green Bay Evenings), 920-498-6289

Clint Rettler (Green Bay Saturdays), 920-498-5493 


Library Instruction - Julie Chapman920-498-5490. Teaches students how to find, evaluate, use and cite sources. Also researches, catalogs, and supervises part-time staff.


Manager Kim LaPlante920-498-5487.  Researches, purchases new materials, manages the online library and 3 campus libraries.

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