Viewing Final Grades

To view your final grade for a class go to the NWTC Home page, then log into my.NWTC with your student ID and password.

Click on the Academics link from the left side panel.

Next, click on Course History or View Unofficial Transcript

In my.nwtc, view of Academics category for Unofficial Transcripts and Course History

The next page is titled Unofficial Transcript. click on the "Go" button. Now, your entire transcript will display. Scroll to the bottom to get your GPA to date

Bottom portion of grades transcript that displays a student GPA


Viewing Grades in Blackboard Learn

To view grades throughout the semester for a course that uses Blackboard Learn, log into Blackboard Learn using your student ID (as the username) and password.

Click on the Courses link at the top of the page and choose the course you would like to view from your list.

Select the My Grades button from the menu panel on the left side of the screen.

Blackboard grades

Note: If you click on a graded assignment, you will see your submitted assignment and any feedback from the instructor.

View our instructional video on how to view your grades in your Blackboard class:

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