Don't panic! There may be several reasons why you aren't finding any (or enough or the right kind of) articles on your research topic.

  • Try using Library Search, a tool that allows you to search a majority of the library's physical and electronic resources using one simple search box. (Here is the Library Search Help Guide.)
  • Consider using our Research Guides. There is a Guide for each NWTC program that lists the best resources to use for researching program-related topics. One of our most popular guides is Current, Controversial Topics Research Guide. If you need to pick a topic, write an argumentative paper, or prepare a speech on a controversial topic, this is the guide for you!
  • Your topic may be too narrow or specific. Think about what broader, more general issue your topic falls under. So, say you start with this topic:

Are male children who are adopted as teens more likely to have psychological problems than male children who are adopted as babies?

If you aren't finding any or enough articles, try altering your search to these broader topics:

- Age at adoption and psychological effects

- Male adoptees and psychological problems

- Adoption and psychological issues

Remember that you are always welcome to ask a librarian for help! We can often save you time by suggesting search terms and strategies, so please don't wait until you're totally confused and frustrated to ask for assistance.

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