Many students are eligible to receive credit for learning acquired through prior professional and personal experiences.  If you meet the criteria below, you will be eligible to participate in Credit for Prior Learning (CPL):

  • You must be admitted to an NWTC program.
    • NOTE: Students can apply for credit for prior learning any time after acceptance into a program and no later than one semester prior to program completion.  You may only earn credit for prior learning for a course that is within your program.
  • You must be in good credit standing with the College
    • You cannot have any negative service indicators or holds on your account.
    • You cannot have any outstanding debt with the College.
  • You cannot have previously earned a grade for this course or attempted the course without completing it.
  • You cannot have attempted to earn credit for prior learning for this given course in the past.
  • You need to be able to complete 25% of the courses for your declared credential without counting any credits awarded for prior learning.  If you are not sure if you meet this requirement, please talk to your advisor.