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NWTC credit students may request Academic Coaching services FREE of charge! 

If your course is listed below, just click on its link to find the time and place for those coaching sessions.  You will not need an appointment - just show up!  Hint: Print the schedule so you will remember all of the available times.

If your course is not on this list, see the instructions on the bottom of the screen.

Writing:  Includes writing assistance for all assignments for any class:

Math:  Includes Math Trades, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Accounting, Business Math, Engineering and Physics:


Health Sciences:

Social Sciences:

Business and Information Technology:

Microsoft Office Suite / Basic Computer Assistance: Microsoft Office, BlackBoard, MindTap, myFoundations, file management

For Other Courses:

Contact the Academic Coaching office in one of the following ways.  You will receive a response with coaching options within 2 days.  

  1. You can ask your instructor to refer you through the Starfish system.
  2. You can email your request directly to
  3. You can stop in the Academic Coaching area during regular business hours.
  4. You can call the Academic Coaching office at 920-498-5639.