Do I need to fill out an application for EACH scholarship I think I’m qualified for?

No. The NWTC's scholarship process allows you to fill out one application. The system will match you to corresponding scholarships based on their criteria.

If I completed an application previously, do I still need to fill out a new application?

Yes. However, if you have previously completed an application some information will carry over. Items like Financial and Educational Essay and your Letters of Recommendation will need to be completed each time.

Why can’t I access the scholarship application from my smart phone?

The application is not accessible from mobile devices. Also, you will want to spend some time crafting your application and thoroughly answering each question which typically requires a PC. 

I have logged into the my.NWTC student portal and have clicked on the header “Finances” and then on “Apply for a Scholarship” or “View Scholarship Status” and it is not working or making me log in again? What is wrong?

The scholarship site should directly log you in from my.NWTC.  If you are being asked to log in again, it is usually because your security settings or the internet browser you are using is blocking it.  Log completely off/out and then log back in using a different internet browser.  Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, so we would not recommend using that browser.

Why do you need such personal information such as financial status, earnings, and number of people living in the household?

All applications remain confidential and are only read by the reviewing committee(s). We ask for this information to provide a true and accurate picture of current need status. The more information you provide will only help the readers understand your need for a scholarship and goals from your education.

Do I need to complete and submit a FAFSA application?

While it is not currently required to complete a FAFSA application, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. However, this may become a requirement down the road. As scholarships are “free/donated monies” from donors, many of the readers that review and rank applications feel very strongly that a student should explore ALL avenues of financial support.

If I am awarded a scholarship, how do I receive the funds?

The NWTC Student Finance Office will credit this amount directly to your student account at NWTC against your tuition/books/fees. Please allow the student finance office time to process the large volume of scholarships. For your convenience, the Financial Aid Office has also been notified regarding your scholarship.

The Financial Aid Office will notify you via your NWTC email if this scholarship impacts your Financial Aid award.

What are my chances of receiving a scholarship? How do I improve my chances?

This depends largely upon the scholarship, how well you meet qualifications and the level of effort that you exert in your search. The more applicants there are for a particular offer, the less chance you have of winning. Also, keep in mind that to find money for college, you have to create your own success by committing the time and brain power necessary to achieve your goal.

You can increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship by FULLY completing the application. This includes answering each question to the best of your ability and sharing as much information about yourself that you feel comfortable with. There could potentially be hundreds of students applying for one scholarship, so the more information to help you stand out the better.

Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation?

Start by asking a teacher, employer, co-worker, coach, pastor/minister, or mentor. Do not ask a friend, family member, or boyfriend/girlfriend. A letter of recommendation is similar to a professional reference; choose someone who can articulate your strengths and praise your accomplishments objectively. You will want to ask BEFORE you submit your application as the email that they receive goes out as soon as you type it in the application. Let them know that they will get a notification email from and to also check their spam or junk “inbox”.

Do I need to wait for my letter(s) of recommendation to be complete before I submit my application?

No. All recommenders have until a week AFTER the submission date to complete their recommendation. However, students MUST get their application in by the submission due date or they will not be considered for any scholarships.

Can my reference submit their Letter of Recommendation via paper/fax/email?

No. The system only accepts Letters of Recommendation through the online process. However, they can copy and paste their content from a word document into the space allowed through the online system. There are specific instructions for the recommender to follow that walks them through the process step by step. 

Do I have to provide three Letters of Recommendation?

No. One is required, but three is better. Often times there are hundreds of students applying for the same scholarship, so the more information you can provide the better. Also, if you provide three and one or two decline, then you still have at least one letter. 

How do I know if my references have completed their letter of recommendation?

While you cannot read or see the actual letter(s) of recommendation, you can always log into your account and check their “status”. From here you can choose from either two options:

  • “Send reminder E-mail” – This will send another email to the email address provided for them, reminding them that a request for a letter of recommendation has been made by XYZ student for a scholarship.
  • “Withdraw” – This actually REMOVES/CANCELS the name and email of the selected reference and opens up another space to enter someone new. You would use this option if you entered an incorrect email for a reference or if they told you they do not want to be a reference.

Can the amount I receive in scholarships affect my eligibility for financial aid or my current financial aid amount?

Yes. Student Finance and Financial Aid are both notified of all scholarship recipients and their scholarship(s) and amounts. Scholarships are always applied to the account first in regards to tuition/books/class fees. You may still receive financial aid; however, your amount may be affected based on scholarships.

The Financial Aid office WILL CONTACT YOU if your financial aid is affected. For questions on how and why this may affect your financial aid, please contact the Student Financial Aid office at (920)498-5444

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

A scholarship review committee is comprised of many different people such as NWTC faculty and staff, retirees, NWTC alumni, Foundation Board of Directors, scholarship donors, and community volunteers. All information in applications is kept confidential. 

Who do I call with questions?

Call: Foundation Office at (920) 498-6931