Basic Format

Image Creator. "Title of Photo/Image/Picture." Name of Collection/Archive/Webpage, Publisher of Website (if different from Name of Webpage), Date, URL.

  • The image creator can be in the form of a first and last name, or a screen name. If you can't find a creator name, start the citation with the title of the image.
  • If you can't find a date, do not put n.d. Just put a period after the the webpage/publisher name and then finish with the URL.
  • If you find an image on Google images, visit the original site where the picture appears and cite that page, not Google.


Notaro, Carlotta. "Overwork." Giphy,

Jose and Roxeanne. "Flowers." Flickr, 31 Dec. 2017,


See the Tables and Illustrations section of the MLA Handbook for more details on formatting an image in the text of the paper.