One way that you can submit a video assignment to Blackboard is by uploading your video to YouTube and sharing it in Blackboard to your Instructor. 

Once you have a video recorded, you can upload it from your phone or computer to YouTube. Since YouTube is a product of Google, you can sign in to YouTube with your student email account (since it is provided through GMail). 

Once you log in to your account, follow these steps to upload your video:

  1. Click on the video camera icon with a plus sign YouTube add video button on it in the upper right corner of the page near your profile button. 
  2. Select the Upload Video option.     YouTube Upload Video option


  1. The Upload Video box will display for you to select the file you want to upload. Drag and drop or click button to select files to upload


  1. Click the Select Files option and choose your video. This will upload the video to your YouTube account. You can choose to change privacy settings from there in order to make it publicly accessible or not. You can also name the video and add keywords/tags to make it easily searchable. 
  2. You will be able to share the link to the video with your instructor/classmates once the video has completed the upload process. 

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