You can print Google Docs from your iPad to the NWTC printers by sending the file via online.

When you have your Google Doc open,

  1. Download the document to your device. 
  2. Next, go to the website
  3. Click on the tab "Web Print"  then click the "Submit a Job" button.
  4. Pick the type of print job you need. Choose carefully as you cannot change print options at the printer. 
    1. gbprint01\NWTC_Print (virtual) (Black and White & 2-side) 
    2. gbprint01\NWTC_Print_Color (virtual) (Color & 2-side) 
    3. gbprint01\NWTC_Print_Simplex (virtual) (B/W & 1-sided)
    4. gbprint01\NWTC_Print_Simplex_Color (virtual) (Color & 1-sided)
  5. Next pick how many copies you need. then click Upload Documents.
  6. Upload the documents from your device.
  7. Click Upload and Complete to send the print jobs to the printer. Wait until you see the completed status as "Held in a queue" before closing the browser.
  8. Go to any NWTC printer and log in with your student ID #. Your documents/files will display in your print queue.
  9. Select Print All on the printer to print them out! 

If you need any assistance, please see one of the Library Techs in the Library or call the student help desk! (920) 498-6900