Access the NWTC Network from an internet connection anywhere! Use the Virtual Desktop for remote access to:

  • Use NWTC Software
  • Save files to your H: Drive
  • Send files to be printed through NWTC_Print (remember to pick them up within 72 hours!)


Access the Virtual Desktop

Go to using any device's browser.  Then choose to:

Virtual Desktop Installation

Download the App

Click the left icon to install the VMware Horizon app (or go to your app store to download it).

The first time on each device, you will need to click New Server, enter as the name of the Connection Server, and click Connect.  It will remember the server and give you an icon for connecting next time.

Or Use the Web

If you don’t want to use the app, click on the right icon for VMware Horizon HTML access.   NOTE: The web version does not allow you to save to a USB drive.


  • For either option, choose to Accept the NWTC electronic resource guidelines.
  • Then login using your 8-digit NWTC ID number and your regular NWTC password.
  • Click Student Windows 7 to initiate the connection.  Student Windows 7

Wait ... You will soon be connected to the Virtual Desktop, the software will be loaded, and you will see your personalized settings.


Leaving the Virtual Desktop

  • Using the app, choose Options at the top and Disconnect and Log Off.
  • Using the web version, choose Start at the bottom and Log off.


NWTC Software Accessible through Virtual Desktop

Adobe Acrobat Pro Business English at Work FileZilla
Gimp 2 Google Chrome Java
LexisNexis CaseMap LexisNexis TimeMap Medisoft
MicroPace Microsoft Expression Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft SQL 2014 Modumath Mozilla Firefox
Notepad ++ ReadOutLoud Sage 50 Accounting
Tabs3 & PracticeMaster Visual Studio 2015

Violet UML Editor











**Quickbooks and Eclipse are also available now for virtual access**


View this video to see how you can download and install the application for your personal computer.


Help with the Virtual Desktop

Contact the Student Help Desk at 920-498-6900 or 1-866-235-5037 for help 24/7.

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