Instructions to format an APA paper in Word 2016:

1) APA format requires certain font formatting. From the Home tab, set your font to Times New Roman, size 12 pt.

Font format and size

2) APA also requires other formatting. You'll need to change your Paragraph settings to Double line spacing and be sure to set the before and after spacing to 0pt.

Line spacing

3) To start setting up your title page, choose the Center paragraph alignment located in the Home tab. 

Center alignment

4) Type the title of your paper, your name, and “NWTC" (or "Northeast Wisconsin Technical College") all on separate lines (press the Enter key on your keyboard to start a new line).

5) The title page information should be farther down the page. Position the insertion point/cursor before the beginning of the title. Press Enter a few times to position the text in the top third of the page. It should not be any lower than halfway down the page.

Title page

6) To start the second page, position the insertion point/cursor at the end of the word “College” (or after "NWTC"). Open the Insert tab and click the Page Break button to move to the first line of page 2. Here, type the title of your essay and press Enter.

Insert Page Break

7) To set up the first sentence of your essay, set the text to left-align from the Paragraph settings in the Home tab, press Tab (on the keyboard) to indent the first paragraph, and begin typing.

Left paragraph alignment

8) You are now ready to set up the header. Scroll back up to the top of the document, and double-click anywhere in the blank area at the top of the page. This will open the header. The first thing to do is check the “Different First Page” box. Do this before you type anything in the header.

Different first page option for header

9) To add your page numbers, click on Insert tab and select the Page Number option, choose “Top of Page”, and then choose “Plain Number 1”(If you simply type a number, that number will be on each page.)

Insert page numbers, plain number 1

10) Now, type the text “Running head:” and the title of your essay. Be sure to put the title of the essay in ALL CAPS, and do not capitalize “head".

Running head

11) The page number should be on the right margin. To bump it over, press Tab twice.

12) Now, scroll down until you see the header space for page 2. Insert the page number using the exact same process as in steps 9, 10, and 11 above. The only difference is that this page will not require the words “Running head.” Just type the title of your essay in ALL CAPS.

Page 2, page number in header with title

13) You have now finished setting up your document in APA format. Double-click anywhere in the main body of your document to close the header view (or click the Close Header and Footer button). Go to page 2 and continue typing your essay.

14) Once you've completed your paper, you will need to include a separate page at the end for your References

15) Follow this link to view our APA guide on how to set up your reference page: APA Guide


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