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  1. Most computers on campus are small machines with USB ports located behind the monitors. There are usually 4 available to choose from. Some larger machines have USB ports on their front panels.
  2. You can access the flash drive by clicking the Computer icon on the desktop and select the appropriate removable drive, or through Internet Explorer click File>Open and browse to the drive.  In most cases the drive will show as Removable Drive (E: or F:) on campus depending on which port you use.  If the USB drive doesn't show, remove and reinsert it.
  3. To prevent loss of data, disable the drive before removing it from the port.  Click on the small icon with the green arrow in the system tray (bottom right).   Open Devices and Printers pop up window displays, click on Eject USB (you'll know which drive by E or F port) and a Safe to Remove Hardware message will pop up.  You can safely remove your USB at this time.

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