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To print a .pdf file:

1) Click File>Print from the top left of the PDF document.

Print function

2) To print single sided - click Properties >Finishing tab > uncheck Print on both sides (you can also change your printing options once you go to the printer to retrieve your print jobs. You just need to choose the Options button after logging into the printer of your choice).

It is sometimes convenient to print more than one page of your .pdf file onto a single page, much like the multiple slide feature available in applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

To print multiple pages of a .pdf file on one page:

  1. Click File>Print.
  2. In the Page Handling Section>select Multiple Pages per sheet from the Page Scaling dropdown menu.
  3. Select your desired options from the Pages Per Sheet and Page Order menus.
  4. Note the print preview changes as you select different print options.
  5. Click OK to print.

Note:  The printer icon in the Adobe toolbar will also open the print menu box.




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