The NWTC Green Bay Library checks out Computers and iPads, Audio/Visual and Accessories, and Other Equipment to students and employees.


Computers and iPads

Desktop PC computer   

99 HP Desktop Computers that include the Office 365 along with various other educative software. 12 of these workstations are more robust to accommodate CAD, Solidworks and other Trades software.

Apple computer image

Six iMac workstations including the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

Laptop Computer

Two kinds of Windows laptops at the Library:

14 for “In-Library” use only, checkout period of seven hours

57 for “After Hours” use, checkout period of 3 days

Apple Macbook laptop

3 Apple Mac Book Pro laptops, with the entire Adobe Creative Suite

Checkout period of 3 days.

Apple iPad

10 Apple iPads with lots of extra study/research applications

Checkout period of 1 week.


Audio/Visual and Accessories

(Checkout periods vary per device)

Headset with microphone

Headphones for students to use in the Library/on campus plus an additional 12 headphone/microphone headsets for checkout. Great for use with Blackboard Collaborate (virtual classrooms).

External DVD drive

External DVD drives for playing DVD’s and CD’s (via USB) for In-Library use.

Black bluetooth keyboard with usb power adapter

Bluetooth keyboards for iPads or any mobile phone.

Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorders.

Small handheld video camera

Video Cameras (HD, DVD and Flip)

Camera tripod


LCD video projector

LCD Projectors

Portable projection screen

Portable Projector Screens.

Charging cable plugged into Smartphone

Apple/Android Chargers/Cables

Power supply for laptop

Apple/PC power adapters


Other Equipment

Large multi function printer


Office Supplies, calculator, stapler, cup with pencils and highlighters

Office Supplies - Includes staplers, pens, scrap paper, hole punchers, pencil sharpeners, and paper cutter.

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