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Yes, DVD burning is a utility built into the operating system of the Mac computers. Once a DVD is inserted into the machine, files to burn can be dragged and dropped onto the media, then burned to a disc. The resulting disc can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Note:  There is no internal DVD drive – external drives are available at the Library Desk. 

Here's how to burn a data CD or DVD in Mac OS X:

1.   Insert a blank CD or DVD into your Mac's drive.                   

2.   From the Action menu, select Open Finder.

3.   Click OK.

4.   Open a new Finder window. The blank CD or DVD appears in the sidebar. 

5.   Drag and drop files and folders onto the CD or DVD. Because you're copying the files and folders and not moving them from your hard disk to the CD or DVD, all of the icons appear as aliases.

6.   When you're ready to create the disc, click Burn.

7.   Enter a name for the CD or DVD in the Disc Name field.

8.   Click Burn. Your Mac burns the disc - you can monitor the progress by watching the status window.

9.   The Finder mounts the disc after it has been burned.

You can now eject (right click) the disc and share it with friends. It should work on any other computer, including those running Windows and Linux operating systems.

*See attached document for directions with screenshots.

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