When you search a library resource, such as EBSCO Articles or All Resources-Library Search, the results list will typically consist of citations. 

Each citation gives you the basic information about a specific article, book, or other resource: author(s) names, article title, book title, journal title, date of publication, page numbers, etc.  It includes the information someone would need to find the item, and is used to create the list of references or bibliography. 


annotated citation see text version below

10.  CrossFit® Instructor Demographics and Practice Trends.

(English) ; Abstract available. By: Waryasz GR; Suric V; Daniels AH; Gil JA; Eberson CP, Orthopedic Reviews [Orthop Rev (Pavia)], ISSN: 2035-8237, 2016 Nov 17; Vol. 8 (4), pp. 6571; Publisher: PagePress.


Most library resources also provide an abstract for each result.  An abstract is a brief summary of a book, article, video, or other resource.


"CrossFit® is an increasingly popular exercise modality that uses high intensity power training. The literature to date regarding CrossFit® has focused on its benefits to VO2 Max, body composition and the motivational variables of participants of CrossFit®. A computerized survey was distributed to CrossFit® instructors using Survey Monkey®. One hundred and ninety-three CrossFit® instructors responded to the survey. Of these 86.6% reported being a certified CrossFit® instructor with 26.7% having a bachelor's degree in an exercise-related field. Instructors with a CrossFit® certification have less bachelor's or master's degrees compared to those without a CrossFit® certification."

Full Text

Much of the time you will also have access to the Full Text of the book or article. For articles, Full Text access means that you can view, save or print the full article online. You may also see links such as Click to read this ebook online, Click to watch this video online, and Full Text Finder.  

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