Yes, students can check out iPads, Kindles, and Laptops


The Library has 14 "In Library" Laptops which are checked out for 7 hours and cannot leave the Library.  Students are able to print from these laptops to the campus printers.

The Library has 35 "After Hours" Laptops and 2 Macbooks for students to check out when they need to complete assignments by using a computer overnight or over the weekend while the Library is closed.  These laptops are checked out for 3 days at a time and cannot be renewed.  After returning a laptop, students must wait until the following day before they can request to check out another After Hours laptop.  These laptops should not be used as classroom laptops, since that takes them out of circulation for students who need them for working at home to complete projects.

The iPads are available for checkout for one week. 2 renewals are allowed.

Kindles are available for 2 week checkouts. 2 renewals are allowed.

For more information, contact Beverly Mueller (920-498-5694) or Carole Parish (920-498-6289).

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