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Members of the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College community, guests, and visitors have the right to be free from gender-based or sexual misconduct. Violations of the policy may occur between individuals or groups of individuals of any sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender identity.

Any student who believes he, she or another student has been the victim of any form of sexual misconduct is encouraged to file a complaint identifying the alleged individual and describing the conduct, incident(s) or occurrence(s) that form the basis for the complaint. Students may file complaints with any NWTC College employee, who will then notify the Title IX Coordinator/Title IX Student Deputy Coordinator. If the Title IX Coordinator or Title IX Student Deputy Coordinator is alleged to be the person who engaged in discrimination or sexual misconduct, the incident will be investigated by the Title IX Employee Deputy Coordinator.

Any NWTC staff member can help with filling out the incident report. It is preferred that the complaint be submitted via an electronic incident report. If, due to a disability, accommodations are needed to assist the student with filing a complaint, please contact: Accommodation Services at (920) 498-6904. The complainant is encouraged to file the complaint as soon as possible after the incident to ensure a prompt and equitable process for all the parties involved in the situation. 

NWTC Title IX Coordinator:

Mohammed Bey: 920-498-6826 or

NWTC Title IX Student Deputy Coordinator:

John Grant: 920-498-6984 or

NWTC Title IX Student Deputy Coordinator:

Kelly Schumacher: 920-498-6390 or

NWTC Title IX Employee Deputy Coordinator:

        Lisa Maas: 920-498-6828 or