NWTC locations have a limited number of laptops available for students who are taking credit classes.

For Green Bay students, if you need a laptop, please contact your instructor and ask them to submit a "NWTC Laptop Need" referral in Starfish.  Instructor referrals will be given priority for laptops.  Requests for special software may take longer as we need to wait for IT to create the best option for students to access that software.

For other locations, please use the information below to set up an appointment to come get one.

Once we verify that you are taking credit classes, we will set up a time to meet you at the nearest College entrance (in Green Bay, laptop pick up appointments happen at the Student Center entrance #9).  Be ready to show your ID card and sign an equipment agreement form.

After you have signed the form, the staff member will hand you a laptop and have you login to the machine and ensure that the VPN settings are working for you before you leave.

You will be told when the laptop is due back on campus.

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