Computer owners typically have a personal OneDrive existing on their machine already.  You can add another OneDrive account that connects your NWTC OneDrive as follows.

  • Find the OneDrive Cloud icon on your taskbar, bottom right on your computer

Taskbar showing the OneDrive cloud account

  • Right click on the icon
  • Select “Settings”
  • This dialog box will appear, click on “Add an Account”

Windows right click option to Add an Account to OneDrive

  • The “Setup OneDrive” dialog box pops up. Login to the NWTC Office 365 Portal username using your student number ( DO NOT use your mymail address.
  • Next, enter your NWTC password
  • Follow the prompts to complete the setup
  • Open the File Explorer folder on the taskbar to view the contents of your computer, you will now see the NWTC OneDrive available

Windows File Explorer dialog box showing a NWTC OneDrive account


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