Your instructor may choose to use the Blackboard Learn system to administer exams within a class you are taking. 

To take an online quiz or test through the Blackboard Learn system:

  1. Login to Blackboard using your student ID (as the username) and password.
  2. Click on the "Welcome Page" tab and select a course from the "My Courses" area.
  3. Select the "Class Materials" button on the left in the side menu panel.
  4. Select the appropriate learning plan and test.

    Instructors can choose from several testing options. Make sure when you select a test you read the detailed instructions your instructor provides.
  5. When you're ready select the "Begin" button.
  6. Answer all questions.
  7. Upon answering all of your questions, click the "Save and Submit" button
  8. Select "OK". Summary information on the test you just completed will appear.

NOTE: Instructors may require that you complete online testing at the Assessment Center at the Green Bay campus, or at a Regional Learning Center site. Check with your instructor regarding these details.

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