The best place to start is Library Search, the NWTC Library's single-search box for full-text articles, books, ebooks, videos, online videos, guides, and more!
If you have a topic in mind, try adding the word hypothesis to the search. For example, if you are interested in how the environment affects depression, you could try a search for depression environmental hypothesis
On the search results page, you can limit the results by using the options in the left-hand column. Two helpful options are to limit to Scholarly articles and to change the date range (some instructors will ask you to only find articles published in last five years).
limit to scholarly journals and by publication date
If you are interested in the substance abuse aspect, but have no idea where to start, here are some possible topics:
  • gateway drug hypothesis
  • self-medication hypothesis
  • drug substitution hypothesis
  • dopamine hypothesis

If you would like to focus on a mental health issue, you could choose a disorder and add the word hypothesis.  To further narrow your search, you could also add the words cause or treatment to the search.

  • borderline personality disorder hypothesis
  • social anxiety cause hypothesis
  • PTSD treatment hypothesis

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