Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that instructors, coaches, and even classmates can use to share files and applications, hold discussions, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact with their classes. 

View the video tutorial below to learn about some of the basic features you'll find in a Collaborate Session.


Supported Devices - Windows and Mac Personal Computers, Google Chromebook, and Microsoft Surface Pro devices provided one of the supported browsers (listed below) are being used and audio/camera devices work with those browsers. (Microsoft Surface devices running Windows RT are not supported.)

Operating Systems - Windows 7+ and Mac OS 10.9+

Browsers - Google Chrome provides the best user experience.  The Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers are fully supported for the participant experience.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will utilize Adobe Flash for viewing and sharing audio and video, and viewing app share. It only supports the Adobe Flash Player Version 17.  The Flash requirement for audio, video and app share will be removed when each respective browser vendor (Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft) supports the WebRTC standards necessary for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.



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