College 101 is a graduation requirement of NWTC. The required course materials include a digital learning platform called MindTap. Once students link their access code to their instructor’s Blackboard course, they will have seamless access to their learning materials. (View this video if you are having trouble registering your access code)

To better understand the steps involved in the MindTap linking process, view the video on accessing your materials through Blackboard. 

Now that you are familiar with the steps, you are ready to:

  • Use Mozilla Firefox to access your College 101 class in Blackboard
  • Login to your College 101 class
  • Manage the exceptions websites in your popup blocker and add-ons
  • Locate Class Materials/Learning Plan 0
  • Create a CengageBrain user account/Login with your existing CengageBrain user account
  • Select Payment Options or Enter your NWTC Bookstore-purchased Access Code
  • Finish the Linking Process by accepting the digital access terms and entering your course


You can also view detailed directions in the videos and document below: 

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