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Sometimes you may find that when you send a PowerPoint file to the printers, it does not show up in your print queue. Here are a couple things you can try/check to ensure your file reaches the printers.

  • Make sure that you really are logged in to the computer you are printing from. Do this by clicking on the Windows Explorer folder in the bottom taskbar of the computer monitor. Click to expand "This PC" (on the left side of the window). Look to the right side of the Explorer window and scroll down to find the 'H" drive. The student number of the person logged into the computer will be displayed. 
  • Sometimes if it is a large file containing many images, it can take a few minutes to reach the printers. Be sure you have waited at least 5 minutes before checking the printer if this is the case. 
  • If the file does not show up in your printer queue, you can try changing the file type to a PDF and resending it (this will typically work). 
  • You may also try saving the PDF version to a USB drive and printing directly from the USB drive on the printer. 
  • If you are opening the file from your Blackboard class, sometimes you may need to save it to the computer first, and then open it to print from there. 

As always, if you need assistance, please see one of the Lab Techs at the Library Desk! 

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