If you are taking a class that requires you to enter MindTap for assignments, there are a couple things you will need to do first!  Watch this 5-minute video or follow the instructions below.

  1. Use an appropriate browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox (currently supports MindTap technology the best).
  2. Login to your College 101 class in Blackboard. 
  3. Click on Class Materials, then open the Learning Plan 0 folder. 
  4. Complete Activity 1 to view the course Syllabus and Course Calendar. 
  5. Complete Activity 2 by following the detailed instructions to: 
    • ​​Make sure that you set the appropriate "exceptions" to your popup blocker.
    • Create a CengageBrain account or enter your existing username/password.
    • Payment Options/Enter a purchase Access Code
    • Finish the linking process

Registration of your MindTap Access Code is a one-time process. After your Blackboard and MindTap accounts will be synced.  

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