You can print a Google doc from your iPad to the NWTC printers by sending the file via email (as long as you have your NWTC email account setup in your Mail app).

When you have your Google doc open,

1) Select the menu from the upper right of screen and choose Share and Export.

Share and Export option one an Apple iPad


2) Next you will select to Share a Copy.

3) You will need to select how you want to share it. You will select the Mail app from the list (again make sure that your NWTC email account is setup properly here).


Display of Share Options including the Mail icon


4) Your email will open up with the file attached and you will just need to enter: in the "to" field of your email message. No need to include a subject line or any text in the body of the message!

5) Select send after entering in the email destination.

6) Go to any NWTC printer and log in with your student ID #. Your documents/files that you sent will display in your print queue.

7) Select Print All on the printer to print them out!

8) If you need to adjust any printing settings, you can select your file and go to the Options button on the printer. Here you can choose color, simplex printing, or duplex printing. 

**If you need any assistance, please see one of the Lab Techs in the Library!

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