usb drive

YES! You are able to scan your documents directly to a USB drive. All documents that are scanned, will save as a .pdf file. Follow these directions to scan and store to a USB drive:

1. Log in to a printer

2. Plug your USB drive into the printer. The USB port can be found on the right hand side of the printers.

3. Select the Main Menu button located on the left side of the printer (some printers have an actual button and others have one on the touch screen.).

4. Choose the Scan and Store option.

Scan and Store

5. Select the Memory Media option.

6. Select your USB drive on the next screen.

7. Choose Scan from the bottom of the touch screen display.

8. Place your documents to be scanned. (You can feed documents through the top feed tray or lay them on the glass).

9. When you have your documents placed and ready, hit the Start button.

10. After documents have been scanned, you can select the file to preview it, delete it, or change its name.


These directions can also be found in the Library Printer Room.

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