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You can now print from your USB drive by plugging it directly into one of the printers! You no longer need to log in to a computer first. Just make sure the file you would like to print has been saved as a .PDF, .JPG, .PNG or .TIFF.

Follow these steps to print your files:

1) Login to one of the printers (be sure to use a color printer if you need to print in color).

2) Insert your USB drive into the side of the printer (USB ports are typically located on the right hand side of the printers).

3) Choose the Main Menu button located on the left of the printer display screen.

4) Select Access Stored Files.

5) Choose Memory Media.

6) Select your device.

7) Choose the documents/files you wish to print.

8) Select Print.

9) On the next screen you can change any settings that you might need to; otherwise, just choose Start Printing.

10) When you are done printing your files/documents, be sure to select the green arrow button located at the bottom of the display screen. This will allow you to safely remove your USB drive.

11) Don't forget to take your USB and log out of the printer when you are finished!


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