Graphic representation of a printer icon on a keyboard key

YES!  It is a good idea to do a print preview before actually printing. 

-If you are printing an MS office document, click File>Print and at the far right of your screen a preview of your document will show. 

You can click on the arrow button, located on the top left, to go back into your document for any necessary changes or make print selections and click Print.

-To preview your print of a web document in Microsoft Edge, click the three dot ellipsis (...)in the upper right corner, move your mouse pointer down the menu and select "Print".  The Print Preview will appear in the Print dialog box.

-To preview from Google Chrome browser, click on the menu button (it looks like 3 horizontal lines), located in the upper right of the window next to the address bar. Select "Print" and the dialog box will automatically pull up the preview of the page(s) you are wanting to print.

-When you want to do a print preview in Mozilla FireFox, click on the menu button located in the upper right of the window (it looks like 3 horizontal lines) and select "Print". This will automatically pull up the "print preview" screen where you can choose specific print options.

Note the options you have to choose from in this preview: portrait/landscape mode, page set-up, header and footer options, show multiple pages, change print size and of course PRINT. 

HINT: Look at the number of pages to print, page through them to print a range of pages, or just one if needed. Not all Internet browsers print the same.

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