We love to get recommendations from patrons! Contact Kim LaPlante at 920-498-5487 to let us know which items you would like to see in the Library (or just tell any of the Library staff members).


Faculty - The Library likes to partner with faculty members to build a core collection of resource materials for each program. Preferred treatment is given to requests received by October 1st.  If the requests exceed the budget, they are prioritized by the deans and then purchased by the Library Manager.

All reoccurring requests (subscriptions, standing orders, renewals) are reviewed and funded before other requests.

No forms necessary! Faculty should send all of the item, vendor, and ordering information they have to Kim LaPlante. Kim accepts requests in any form, but prefers printouts from or other web sites, publisher's catalogs with items circled and prioritized, or emails.

Instructors should also add the following information:

  1. Name of instructor making the request
  2. Number of copies needed (remember to include other campuses teaching the same course)
  3. Any reoccurring expense (does it need to be renewed or updated each year?)
Instructors will receive an email notice when the materials arrive and are ready to be checked out.

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