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When saving documents, it is a good idea to "save as" right when you begin, and then, continue to save every 5 -10 minutes.

DO NOT save to the computer you are using on campus. All NWTC computers are either virtual, or have a utility installed that reverts a machine to its original state after the user is logged off. It is best to save to a USB drive, your network "H" drive, or your student OneDrive.

On Library computers, you can save work on your H drive by clicking File>Save As>.  Under Computer, locate and click on your student ID#.  This is your H drive.  All files saved here can only be accessed and deleted by you.  You can access it from any NWTC computer on any NWTC campus.  When you login to the Virtual Desktop, you can even access it from home.

If you are unsure how to "save to" a location, ask a computer technician or any of the librarians at the Library Desk.

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