Hmong book

The library has several books on Hmong culture:

Culture and customs of the Hmong DS 509.5.H66 L44 2010

The Hmong: An introduction to their history and culture DS 509.5.H66 H66 2004

The Hmong, yesterday and today DS 509.5.H66 M66 1987

The Hmong (Ch. 4 Shamans in the Hmong American community) E 184 .H55 H55 2007

A free people: Tracing our Hmong roots E184.H55 F74 2003 [Sturgeon Bay]


You can also search for articles using the EBSCO Articles database.

Type in searches such as:

      hmong and shaman

      hmong and funeral

There are dozens of articles!

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