Each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) NWTC students currently enrolled in classes receive a “credit” of $20 in their print account about 1 week before the semester start date. Balances WILL NOT CARRY OVER from semester to semester.

J-Session does not provide a new print balance unless you were not enrolled in classes for Fall. Existing students will use the remaining Fall semester print balance for J-Session printing. Their new balance will come 1 week before the Spring semester start.

Students enrolled in non-credit classes, alumni, and community members may purchase a 3-Month Print Card for $2.00 at the Green Bay Library or the front desk of other campus locations.  These cards contain the username and temporary password needed to access NWTC computers and printers. They also provide $2.00 for printing and allow adding more funds as needed during the 3-Month access period. 


Costs for printing

Black and White

  • 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 = 5¢ per page (simplex and duplex)
  • 11x17 = 10¢ per side of paper


  • 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 = 15¢ per page (simplex), 25¢ per page (duplex) 
  • 11x17 = 30¢ per side of paper


Adding Money

If you have cash, you can come to the Library Circulation Desk and any of the librarians can add the money to your print account for you.

You can also add more funds to your print account by using a credit/debit card and going to and clicking on budget recharge in the lower left corner.  The page will redirect to NWTC's PayPal account.

UniFlow Budget Recharge

You can also add money to your printing account by using the link provided in your my.NWTC account. Log in to your my.NWTC and click on the Add to my Print Balance link.

Add money to print balance link

Remaining funds

If you still have funds in your print balance at the end of the semester, you will not receive a refund and your funds will not carry over to the next semester.  If you are taking classes the next semester, you will receive $20 in your account 1 week before the semester start date.

You can continue to use your print account as long as you are a student or until your account has been inactive for three terms - about one year.

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