Call Numbers can begin with one, two, or three letters that refer to the general subject: QA = Mathematics (the Library of Congress determines these letters)

These are followed by numbers, which refer to the specific subject matter: QA107 = Basic Mathematics or Arithmetic (again, from the Library of Congress)

The third line often represents the author's last name or the beginning of the title: H = Howett

The last line indicates the date of publication: 1999


Each physical item in the Library is assigned a Call Number. This serves as the location for the item on the shelves. 

When you find an item in our Catalog, the website tells you what the call number is as well as the location and status.

If you are not finding the item that you are looking for, first check to make sure that you are in the correct location and that the item is listed as available. If you still cannot find an item, talk to a librarian. They may be able to locate it for you or mark it as missing so a replacement can be ordered.

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