The most likely reason for an account hold is an unpaid fine for items that are/were overdue (i.e. not returned to the Library by the due date). However, sometimes it is for equipment that was checked out from the BT Open Lab.

Students receive fines and fees for items returned after the due date. Grades will also be withheld if items are not returned and fines are not paid.

Overdue Fines –

  • Most items are just $.05 per day overdue. 
  • However, some items have special overdue rates:

            o    $.25 per day for 1-week DVD checkouts and items on our reserved shelves

            o    $.50 per day per piece for 2-week equipment checkouts

            o    $1.00 per hour per piece for In Library equipment checkouts

            o    $1.00 per day per piece for After Hours computer equipment checkouts

            o    $1.00 per hour for In Library textbook checkouts

            o    $2.50 per day for 1-week equipment checkouts

Long Overdue Items -

  • The full replacement cost of the item is charged after it has been overdue too long.
  • If the item is returned within a reasonable time period, the replacement cost is forgiven right away. However, an overdue fine (calculated since the original due date) or a $1.00 billing processing fee is added to the student’s account (whichever is the larger amount).

Overdue notices are sent via email or U.S. mail after the due date. Once materials have been returned and fines have been assessed, students will see the total due on their Library account or eventually on their my.NWTC account. Students can pay for fines at the Welcome Center or online through my.NWTC.

Holds link in myNWTC

The Library Manager is able to waive some fines for extenuating circumstances, but the minimum fee for instances of lost materials is $25.00.

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