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I am accessing MindTap for the first time-what do I do?

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2017  |  76 Views

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If you are taking a class that requires you to enter MindTap for assignments, there are a couple things you will need to do first!

1) The first thing you will want to be sure of is that you are using an appropriate browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox (it seems to work best with the MindTap program).

2) Once you have the appropriate browser, you will want to make sure the pop-up blocker is removed. See instructions here: 

3) Your instructor will provide you with a link in the Blackboard course that you can click on to access the MindTap portal. 

4) You will need to create and account with an email address before entering your course in MindTap.

5) Once you click the link that your instructor has provided, you will come to a log in page. At the bottom of the log in page, you will see a link to click that will let you "create an account".  Click this link.

6) It will open a new page for you to enter in an email address, password, and some other basic information. Once you fill everything in, your account will be created and the system will bring you back to the log in page where you can log in with your email and password you just entered for your account. 

7) Once you log in, you will select to "redeem your access code". This code is located in the cover of your textbook. **Please be aware that you need to have a NEW textbook, not a used copy, in order for your access code to work**. If you have a new book, but your access code is still not working, you will need to contact your instructor to see what you will need to do.

8) After your access code is accepted, you will be able to enter your course and access your homework assignments in MindTap. You will not need to enter your access code again. Your Blackboard and MindTap will be synced so that you will not need to log in or enter your code again. 

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