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What is the difference between a citation, abstract and full text?

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"A citation identifies a book, periodical article, or other information resource. A citation will include the basic pieces of information necessary to allow you to find the article. That same information is used to create the list of references, or bibliography you will put in your research paper. Your instructor can then use the citations in the bibliography of your paper to identify and locate those same articles."


Enhao, G., Xiaoyun, W., & Rongsha, L. (2011). A Half-Blood Half-Pipe, A Perfect Performance. UMAP Journal, 32(2), 109-122.

An abstract is a brief summary of a book, periodical, or other resource.


"The article presents a study of a half-pipe which is a venue for extreme sports including snowboarding and skateboarding. It provides an overview on the concave ramps of a half-pipe which are topped by copings and decks including a transition and a vert. It also mentions the different terminology and definitions used in the study which include cycle, flight, and flight distance."

The full-text is the full book or article.  This usually refers to the online version of a book or article.

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