What is a My Way class?

If you have enrolled in a My Way class, each week you decide the way that works best for your schedule:

  • Attend class in person. You’ll learn face-to-face with your instructor and fellow students at one of our campuses, centers, or other locations.  (See link below for locations)
  • Attend class anywhere via web-conference. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can attend class live wherever you are. This option allows you to participate in the live class – even though you’re attending remotely. (See link below for System Requirements)
  • Attend class online when and where it’s convenient for you, while following the same schedule as the rest of the class. 
  • Watch the recorded class. Our live classes are digitally recorded and are available when you want to watch them.


It is recommended to use Google Chrome as your browser and to connect to the class as least 15 minutes early if you are attending via web-conference. 


System Requirements:


Campus/ Regional Learning Center locations:  


Quick reference to Blackboard for students: