If you receive a notification from Starfish in your email it is important to read the details of the message. If the message is regarding a flag, referral, or to-do then you will be provided with specific instructions about what action you need to take.


Your instructor will raise a Starfish flag when they are concerned about your performance in a class. If you receive a flag, you should contact your instructor immediately to discuss their concerns and ways to get back on track. You can also access your flags from your Starfish Dashboard.

Screenshot of Flag details



You may receive a Starfish to-do if there is a task or item that the college needs you to complete. To-dos always require action on your part, so read the details of the to-do and follow-up on the necessary items.


Screenshot of To-Do Details



NWTC instructors and staff can raise Starfish referrals to help connect you to NWTC student services. NWTC staff will reach out to you via phone or email to discuss the referral, but you can also contact the department directly to discuss your referral. You can access the details of your referrals from your Starfish Dashboard.