Cengage Unlimited: Detailed Instructions for Redeeming Access Code (click here for the version with screen shots)

Finding Your Access Code

When you purchase Cengage Unlimited from the NWTC Bookstore in person, your redemption code will print on your receipt.  You will also receive a card that reminds you that your redemption code is on your receipt.  If you lose your receipt, you can ask in person in the NWTC Bookstore to have your receipt reprinted.

If you purchase Cengage Unlimited online, you will receive an email with the instructions on how to access it.

Registering Your Account

  1. Go to the NWTC Bookstore website.
  2. Click on the student icon, select Student Login. 
  3. Returning customers: log in with your NWTC student email address and password. New customers: register an account. *PLEASE NOTE* Your Cengage and Bookstore Accounts are different than your NWTC Account. You can use the same email address, but the accounts are not linked. 
  4. Click on Activate and Access E-books.
  5. Choose Click here to activate an in-store purchase.
  6. Choose RedShelf from the drop-down menu and enter the code printed on the store receipt.
  7. Hover your mouse over the image to find the links for Book Info and Access.
  8. Click on Access!
  9. Your unique Cengage Unlimited access code will appear. COPY and SAVE this access code.
  10. Register your Cengage Unlimited access code when you sign into your Cengage digital product (i.e. MindTap, CNOWv2, WebAssign) as directed by your instructor.

After Registering Your Account

Once you have followed the instructions to activate your Cengage Unlimited account, you can access the Cengage books through the provided links in your Blackboard courses. In most cases, the Cengage links will be in the Class Materials tab. The landing page gives a choice of "Register" or "Proceed to the Course". Once you have registered your code, always click on Proceed to the Course