Many of our students come to NWTC with years of life, work, and military experience. You can save time and money as you pursue your degree by earning credit for learning gained through such experiences. We refer to such learning as experiential. Credit for Prior Learning or CPL is a college credit that can be awarded for skills and knowledge gained outside of a traditional classroom.

Three methods are used by NWTC to evaluate experiential learning: credit by exam, portfolio, and skills demonstration.

You can research CPL options and view course outcomes (see what covered in a specific class) by visiting program pages on NWTC website and navigating to What Will I Learn? section.

Another good way to find CPL opportunities is by using CPL Course Look-up tool. Using this search tool, you can look for courses with CPL options by typing a course name, selecting program name or just by choosing a general area of interest (program cluster).

Current students can also see CPL options when conducting Class Search in the my.NWTC portal.

If you cannot find a CPL option listed for a class you are interested in, you are encouraged to connect with a CPL advisor to talk about CPL opportunities.