Three methods, types of a CPL assessment, are used by NWTC to evaluate experiential learning: Credit by Exam, Portfolio, and Skills Demonstration.

Some courses might offer credit by exam, while others will have a portfolio or a skills demonstration option. CPL fees vary depending on the method used:

•Credit by Exam - $50

•Credit by Portfolio - $90

•Credit by Skills Demonstration - $90

What is a Credit by Exam?

Credit by Exam, also known as challenge exam, is a method of assessing knowledge and skills you already have that align to a specific course and course outcomes.

Different options are available to you as Credit by Exam:

You can complete institutional credit by exam (developed by NWTC) for an identified course. You will need to be officially enrolled in an NWTC degree, diploma, or certificate program. NWTC Credit by Exam fee is $50.

If you pursue NWTC Credit by Exam you will have 3 weeks to take the assessment after you register and pay for it. However, if you are already enrolled in a class and you think that you have the knowledge and skills to “test-out” of it, follow the CPL process for enrolled students.

You may earn credits toward your degree through one of these standardized tests which measure how well you have mastered the content of a course: Advanced Placement (AP) exam, CLEP exam, DSST exam, UExcel Excelsior Exam, GED (certain GED score is required). Fees for standardized tests may vary. Learn more about standardized tests

What is a Skills Demonstration?

A skills demonstration is a form of examination when a student is required to perform specific tasks and is then graded upon performance quality and accuracy.

You will have 1 week to schedule skills demonstration assessment. Sometimes a skills demonstration might be a two-part assessment and will be preceded by an exam (multiple choice, True/False, etc.). If an exam is required, you will complete it first. Upon successful completion of the exam you will be able to schedule the hands-on portion of the skills demonstration. You only pay one fee. NWTC Credit by Skills Demonstration fee is $90.

What is a Portfolio?

A Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) portfolio is a collection of reflections, supporting documents, and artifacts (examples of work) demonstrating evidence of learning. Most often a CPL portfolio will be completed online and submitted through Blackboard.

You will have 4 weeks to complete a CPL portfolio and gather all required supporting documents (resume, certificates, letters from employer, sample of completed work, etc.). However, a well-structured and comprehensive portfolio might take longer to develop. For this reason, we advise students seeking credit for prior learning with portfolio option to begin the process at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the term and paying the CPL portfolio fee. NWTC credit by portfolio fee is $90.