How can I test out of a class?

Depending on the class that you are enrolled in, you might be asked to demonstrate your knowledge by completing an exam (NWTC Credit by Exam or standardized national tests), developing a portfolio, or completing a skills demonstration. Student seeking to test out of a class that has a portfolio or skills demonstration option should account for the time associated with these assessments to meet the deadlines. For this reason, we advise students seeking credit for prior learning with portfolio or skills demonstration options to begin the process at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the term.

You are encouraged to seek test out opportunities at any time.However, if you are enrolled in the class you want to test out of, you must complete the test out process by the dates below.Plus, be sure to consult your academic advisor or the Credit for Prior Learning advisor to see how testing out of an enrolled course may affect your financial aid status.  Learn more about Credit for Prior Learning


Summer 2019 Enrolled Credit for Prior Learning Deadlines

6/4/2019 Last date to request a Credit for Prior Learning consultation

6/5/2019 Last date to register and pay for Credit for Prior Learning

6/7/2019 Last date to complete a Credit for Prior Learning Assessment

6/10/2019 Due date for instructors to submit grades

6/11/2019 If awarded, date for credit to be posted to student transcript and student withdrawn from the course.