What is the NWTC Promise?

The NWTC Promise will make going to college a reality for eligible, hardworking high school seniors who cannot afford the cost of earning a degree.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the NWTC Educational Foundation will help qualified students attend college. We understand that grants and scholarships do not always cover all of a student’s tuition costs.

We promise to pay the balance of tuition and course fees for eligible students after federal/state grants and other scholarships have been applied for up to six consecutive semesters or until program completion, whichever is first.

We also promise to provide a $100 book voucher (to be used for books only at the NWTC Bookstore) each semester a student is eligible for NWTC Promise. 

What does the NWTC Promise fund?

  • Tuition and course fees (does not include supplies or other equipment). 
  • Books - $100 voucher to be used at the NWTC Bookstore.
  • Promise funds will pay the balance left over after financial aid and other foundation scholarships have been applied. 

Can students receive Promise funding for summer semesters?

Yes. Starting in June 2018, eligible students who are enrolled in summer start programs may be eligible to receive Promise funding.

Who is eligible for the NWTC Promise?

For more information:



Call 888-385-NWTC to speak to Promise Scholarship experts Ryan Herald and Frankie Destache.