What test score do I have to earn to pass the GED® test?

You must earn a total of 580 points to earn a GED® Certificate on each of the four tests (145 X 4 = 580). A passing test score is 145.

GED® Test score requirements are:

  • Required minimum standard score of 145 on each test (Max possible: 200)
  • Required total score of 580 
  • Required 60 out of 100 on the Civics Literacy Test

How do I get my test scores?

GED® Test Candidates may access their scores by going to the website. The results are on your dashboard.

When you successfully complete all four GED® Tests (and other HSED® requirements), an official record of all test scores will be mailed to you. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will send a GED® Certificate or HSED® Certificate directly to you.

NWTC offers a GED® completion and HSED® completion ceremony for all students meeting the requirements. Contact Student Life at 920-498-7186 for more information.

Can I retake a test?

When taking the four (4) GED® Tests, you may re-test after thirty (30) days if:

  • You score less than 145 points on any individual test.
  • Wisconsin State Department of Public Instructions state that a candidate must wait thirty (30) days before retaking any exam. There is another thirty (30) day waiting period after a second re-test.
  • There is a mandatory sixty (60) day waiting period for any re-test after a second attempt.

How do I request a GED® Transcript or HSED® Transcript?

Please contact the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at for more information.