If a class is full, a student can choose to be placed on a waitlist to enroll in the class if a seat becomes available. When a student is added to the waitlist, they are assigned the next available position number. However, there is no guarantee that a seat will open up in the class, and not all classes are able to have waitlists.

The waitlist saves students from having to watch the schedule of classes for an opening in a class section (the only exception is 2 days prior to the start of the class). It also alerts the College of the need for additional course sections.

As currently enrolled students drop the class, eligible waitlisted students are moved up into the class when the waitlist process runs. The remaining students then fill in the wait list spots the previous waitlist students had.

Student can waitlist:

  • Multiple sections of the same class as long as they are not already enrolled in a section of the class. Students will be added to the first available open section and will then be removed from any additional waitlists for the class.
  • Classes for which they have not met the prerequisites, but they will not be eligible to enroll in the class if the requisite is not met. They will remain on the waitlist but will be bypassed when there is an opening in the class.

Students cannot waitlist:

  • Classes that have co-requisites.
  • Different sections of classes that they are already enrolled in.
  • 2 days prior to a class's start date.
  • If they don't have a campus email account (since the waitlist process will automatically send an email to the student's NWTC campus email).

The waitlist process is scheduled to run multiple times throughout the day. If a seat opens in a class, the class will remain closed until after the waitlist process has completed. If there are no students on the waitlist, the class will reopen after the process has completed. If there are students on the waitlist, the next eligible student on the list will be enrolled in the class and the class will remain closed.

If the class capacity is increased, students will automatically move into the open seats the next time the waitlist process runs.

For additional questions, please contact Enrollment Services at 920-498-5444.