Below are some community resources that can help with rental assistance. Contact Student Support Services for help by visiting SC133, calling 920-498-6258 or emailing

  • Catholic Charities can provide one-time assistance for low-income women who are pregnant or with children. They focus on high priority cases and when all other resources have been exhausted. Visit or call 920-272-8234.
  • De Pere Christian Outreach can provide one-time rental assistance for De Pere residents only. Visit or call 920-339-1060.
  • Forward Service Corporation can provide one-time assistance for families with a child in the household for rent, back rent, a security deposit or energy assistance. Visit or call 920-448-6760.
  • St. Vincent de Paul can assist with a partial rent payment toward the first month’s rent or back rent to avoid eviction. Requestor's income must be $200 more than rent. Visit or call 920-435-4040.
  • The Salvation Army can provide individuals or families with rent assistance to help avoid eviction or to provide first month’s rent when moving out of a shelter or homeless situation. Requestor must have a steady income. Visit or call 920-593-2379.
  • Integrated Community Solutions (ICS) has a housing choice voucher assistance program designed to help individuals and families living on a limited income afford a private housing unit. Student Support Services has applications in SC133, or you can apply at the ICS offices which are located at 2605 S. Oneida St. Suite 106, Green Bay. Call 920-498-3737 for more information.