Federal regulations require that students receiving Federal financial aid must be making satisfactory academic progress as defined by the college. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to be eligible to receive financial aid at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC).

For more information, call (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.

The standards below will be applied after the student’s first semester of enrollment and each subsequent semester.

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA): Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  2. Completion Rate (PACE): Students are required to maintain an overall completion rate of 67%. The completion rate is calculated by dividing the cumulative number of credits successfully completed by the cumulative number of credits attempted. Attempted credits include all credits taken at NWTC regardless of whether the student received financial aid or not and any transfer credits accepted. Attempted credits include those credits for which the following grades were received: W, I, IP, NS, F.
  3. Maximum Timeframe: Students are expected to complete their degree/diploma program within a maximum timeframe for financial aid purposes. Federal regulations stipulate that the maximum timeframe is 150% of the published credit requirement of each eligible program. Students are only eligible to receive financial aid until their cumulative attempted credits plus any transfer credits accepted equals 150% of the required credits for their degree/diploma. Once a student has reached the maximum timeframe, they are no longer eligible to receive financial aid. Credits are counted starting with the semester the student first enrolled at NWTC, even those semesters for which financial aid was not received. Students who reach the maximum timeframe are immediately suspended from financial aid eligibility.