Students can officially withdraw from classes before 60% of the class has been completed. A Withdraw (W) grade will be posted.

After the 60% date of the class, no withdrawals are allowed; students will get the grade earned.

If there are extenuating circumstances that occur after 60% of the class has been completed, the student must fill out the Class Withdrawal Form:

Withdrawal Procedure

  1. The Class Withdrawal Form must be used after the 60% class completion date.
  2. All information is to be completed by the student including the reason for withdrawal. If the student has already completed the class and a grade has been assigned, including a NS (no show), the withdrawal procedure cannot be used.
  3. Student must provide proof of extenuating circumstance. Attach all appropriate documentation to this form. See below for examples of extenuating circumstances. Failure to provide the required documentation may result in your appeal being denied.
  4. The student is to take the form to the instructor for his/her signature and date. (If the instructor is not available, the Dean/Associate Dean’s signature is acceptable).
  5. If the instructor approves the request, they must sign and date the form. The student is to return the form to the Welcome Center or mail it to NWTC; Attn: Enrollment Specialists, 2740 W Mason St., Green Bay, WI 54307-6042.
  6. The instructor is not required to sign the form if the withdrawal is denied. If the instructor denies the request, it is not necessary to proceed further.
  7. NWTC staff will drop the appropriate class, mail the class schedule to the student, and sign and date the withdrawal form.
  8. A grade of “W” will then be assigned. There will be no refund after the 60% class completion date.
  9. The student is to retain the class schedule as confirmation of withdrawal.